Product Overview

You might have noticed that it is much easier to wake up when it’s already after sunrise and sunny outside. When you wake up in very dark room you have many difficulty avoiding sleep inertia and getting out of bed on time.  

Neuroon Open simulates the light of a slowly-breaking dawn so that you wake up the natural way. The sleep tracker eliminates morning grogginess by waking you at the optimal moment.  

When it’s time to wake up, the mask will gradually fill with light that simulates a natural dawn. If you don’t wake up, Neuroon will add gentle vibrations followed by a final audio alarm from your mobile phone. 

Neuroon Open allows you to choose out of which phase of sleep you’d like to wake up. For some people the optimal phase to be woken out of is light sleep. For some it’s REM. Using the Neuroon Open app, you will be able to choose. Additionally, while analyzing the EEGs of sleeping people during the product development stage, we discovered that before waking up there are a great deal of what are called “micro wakeups”. We added an option under the “automatic” button an option to be woken up from these micro wakeups. 

You can choose: 

1. If you want to be woken up by light or not 

2. If you want to be woken up using vibration or a ringtone, both or neither 

3. If you want to use smart wakeups, meaning you can pick a time when the mask should start to gently wake you up before the final alarm (as well as the sleep phase you would like to start waking up in). 

Cognitive techniques are audio sessions that you use before falling asleep- there are similar to guided audio mindfulness sessions that e.g. HeadSpace app uses (  

External stimulation consists of light and vibration stimulation provided you while you are asleep, in REM sleep. You can find a simplified scheme of this stimulation (based on F. Paul, M. Schädlich, D. Erlacher, Journal of Dream Research Volume 7, No. 1, 2014).

Neuroon Open is an open-source mask for advanced, real-time sleep measurement, smart home integrations, meditation and lucid dreaming!

Key features of Neuroon Open:

- advanced sleep measurement based on EEG (brain activity)

- A/B testing of your sleep

- smart wake ups and naps

- audio guided meditation sessions

- lucid dreaming induction

- smart home integrations that you can also program on your own

What is Neuroon Open

What makes Neuroon Open unique is that we've decided to make out device open-source and share our algorithms.

Smart wakeups

Our product is now transparent, available to the experts who can audit the code and provide constructive feedback as to what we can make better. 

It is verifiable. Researchers using Neuroon for their experiments can see where the results come from and can track the resulting data to electric circuits in the mask. 

It is accessible to DIY and Quantified Self enthusiasts as it provides SDK and raw data access. 

Its functions may be extended or enhanced with custom apps and tools. With open APIs and data formats it’s ready for integration with existing and upcoming technologies. 

In an unlikely worst case scenario, if we as a company decided to withdraw our product it could easily be resurrected by a collective of enthusiastic individuals. 

We hope that together we can create a new open standard for exploring and enhancing our minds. 

We encourage everybody to use the materials for both personal and commercial work, so long as the results remain open source.

Neuroon Open is going to be supported by Neuroon App which will allow you to make the most of Neuroon Open and its cool features.

Lucid dreaming

The brain has the innate ability to act as a virtual reality generator, generating complex visual scenes, scenarios and imaginary characters, in the form of dreams. Lucid dreaming is a metacognitive state within a dream, which may enable the dreamer to know that they are dreaming or even give them full intellectual ability and volitional control over the dream.

Sounds familiar? According to a meta-analysis of lucid dream prevalence and frequency studies, no less than half of you reading this may have experienced at least one lucid dream in your life! The authors of the meta-analysis have proposed that “the capacity for lucid dreaming is widespread”!

Lucid dreaming is thought to be a trainable skill that has been demonstrated to increase through the use of cognitive and external stimulation techniques. Both techniques are features of Neuroon Open!

Neuroon Open will use a combination of methods, including guided audio sessions (similar to guided audio mindfulness sessions that e.g. HeadSpace app uses) and external stimuli (light/sound/vibration) to help induce lucid dreams more reliably and easily.

Real-time sleep tracking


Nowadays there is no space to stop doing things and focus on calming your mind and body, and yet the benefits of meditation are priceless. With Neuroon Open we provide guided mindfulness meditation sessions. For those who are unfamiliar with the term: mindfulness meditation is a basic form of meditation in which one concentrates on his or her inner self.

It begins with breath awareness and builds from there. Whenever you find your mind full of thoughts, you return your awareness back to breathing. Because it provides an opportunity to explore one’s mind without judgement or resentment, it is widely used as an integral part in cognitive therapies (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy or MBCT for short).

With Neuroon Open you can start meditating whenever you feel you need it: at home, at the office or outdoors. The benefits from meditation are visible even after 2 hours of practice.

Neuroon Open meditation feature consists of the three components:  

1. Guided audio meditation sessions. Mindfulness meditation audio sessions will interact with your personal physiology based on brain wave readings and pulse oximetry. For example, when you are calm, you will be guided in a different way than when you are tense and nervous. Guidance will be adjusted to these parameters and will change in the middle of the session if your mood dramatically changes. Neuroon Open is the first device that guides your meditation session based on EEG and pulse oximetry in real time.  

2. Recording option. Neuroon Open will record your EEG readings, movement and pulse, along with any variations in heart rate during each meditation session. You can compare different sessions and see your progress and the influence of external factors on your mood. It’s not only the mind that alters the way your body functions; your body changes your way of thinking, too.  

3. Biofeedback. The Neuroon App gives you the chance to choose which form of feedback you’d prefer and what you’d like from the mask, for example, vibration when dominant brainwaves are alpha or light stimuli while your pulse is raised and unstable. You can customize your biofeedback depending on your needs. It’s all up to you.

A/B Testing of your sleep

Smart home integration

Learn how you sleep and boost your energy for the day 

We want to give you a tool to check your sleep performance, then find your best sleep pattern based on both short and long-term feedback.

Have you ever wished your bedroom lighting would automatically turn up when you get out of bed in the middle of the night? Maybe you’d like other adjustments made on your behalf.  

Of course Neuroon won’t clean your apartment for you but it can definitely make your sleep routine easier and help you sleep better.  

So how does it work?  

As has already been notes, Neuroon Open is doing sleep data analysis in real time. All of the recorded signals are forwarded to different algorithms, which can then detect various events. After that those events can be further fed into your home network.  

To begin we plan to integrate Neuroon Open with IFTTT. This is a free web-based service that can be used to create chains of simple conditional statements, called “applets”. Each applet consists of a trigger and an action. We would like to program a few triggers for the mask that can then be integrated with other smart home devices compatible with IFTTT.